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The Land of The Inca


Peru is without a doubt one of the most intriguing countries in South America. Famous as the home of the epic lost Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu and the mind blowing Nazca Lines, this country's unique past awakens the adventurer in travelers of all sorts. Its awe-inspiring scenery varies from the wild Amazon jungles to vast coastal deserts and the icy peaks of the Andes. 

Peru hosts a biodiversity rarely seen within the limits of a single country, with a list of spectacular wildlife far beyond the well-known llamas and circling condors. On top of all that, Peru's friendly, multi-ethnic people are a cultural treasure of their own. The enchanting mix of dozens of distinct indigenous groups and mestizos, all with their own colorful traditions and food delicacies, is an encounter you will not easily forget.


Guatemala, Central America’s most diverse country, offers landscapes and experiences that have been captivating travelers for centuries.

With not even 2% of its land mass urbanized, it’s not surprising that Guatemala offers some superb natural scenery. Some of the most stunning views can be found in the Petén region, and the lush canyons of the Río Dulce. The natural beauty of the volcano-ringed Lago de Atitlán is an awesome sight.

While many ask what happened to the Maya, the simple answer is nothing – they’re still here. From sites like Tikal, to Guatemala City’s museums, Rabinal and Laguna Chicabal, Mayan culture and traditions can be witnessed.

Active souls tend to find their agenda very full once they get to Guatemala. Stunning trekking routes through the jungles and up volcanoes, world-class white-water rafting, miles of caves to explore, and what seems like a zip line strung between every two trees in the country are just the beginning. Like to take things up a notch? How about paragliding into a volcanic crater at Lago de Atitlán? Or scuba diving in the same place? You might even luck onto some good swell on the Pacific coast. Or you can just find a hammock and consider your options.

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